Android Automotive and Mobility Services

Auto and Mobility Experts

Conjure is a global leader in innovation and digital products within the Auto and Mobility sector, working at the forefront of innovative technologies with the likes of Android Automotive and the Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

Our history in Android Automotive

For almost a decade, Conjure has been designing and developing connected car applications, Infotainment and cluster displays. During that time we have worked globally with numerous OEM and Tier 1 suppliers on multiple vehicle programmes.

With our rich automotive history designing In-Vehicle Infotainmanet (IVI) systems and extensive expertise in developing native Android apps, we stand as the foremost agency for Android Automotive (AAOS) application development.

Conjure has delivered projects utilising Android Auto, Android Automotive (AOSP) and Apple Car Play. We’ve also delivered a number of projects using proprietary connected car systems from OEM and Tier 1 manufacturers.

A 3D render of a steering with two switch paddles mounted either side of a self-levelling wheel mounted digital display.
A technician on a group voice call discussing the running performance of the central display computing unit on the AAOS/AOSP platform.

Services we offer

  • AOSP customisation and custom component development IVI
  • Cluster and passenger display UX and UI design
  • Full design and SDLC for OEM and Consumer mobile apps
  • Connected car (V2X) and keyless entry application development
  • App and systems prototyping
User interface display states of the central display – as seen in FIgma.

What is Android Open Source Project (AOSP)?

AOSP is a set of Open Source components, documentation and device requirements provided by Google that supports the Android Operating System across consumer devices including mobile devices and embedded hardware.

Android Automotive, despite its similar name, differs from Android Auto which is an app for devices enabling in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems to mirror content from a consumers device. Android Auto is the Google equivalent of CarPlay from Apple.

Aura's touchscreen central display in map mode.
An above view looking down on to the separated connecting wheel mounted display and touch screen central display hardware with connecting wires in place on a desk.

Android Automotive AOSP Architecture Model

Modern cars are complex systems that use a number of buses and protocols (CAN, LIN, Ethernet, MOST, etc) to communicate between vehicle subsystems, and with variation between manufacturers and sometimes even different vehicle models from the same brand. The Android Automotive hardware abstraction layer (HAL) provides a consistent interface between Android and vehicle communication layers. This is implemented by the vehicle manufacturer so that application developers have a consistent application development layer to benefit from.

A visual model displaying the architecture our Android Automotive AOSP model.
Two Conjure technicians standing over and reviewing the central display touchscreen unit build.