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The Conjure Team together at the BarbicanDigital Agency

Conjure’s 2023 in Review

The year 2023 is drawing to a close, and what a year it’s been for the team at Conjure.

A semi-side portrait female faceTechnology

Deepfakes: Artificial Intelligence’s Deceptive Double

Deepfake technology has ushered in a new era of digital deception, challenging our very perception of reality in ways no one thought possible before.

OpenAI logoTechnology

What’s Going on at OpenAI?

The AI industry experienced OpenAI-shaped shockwaves over the weekend as Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, was ousted as CEO.

A disconnected broken USB cableSociety

Finding Serenity in the Digital Age with Digital Minimalism

In our ever-connected digital world, a fascinating and counterintuitive trend is beginning to emerge; digital minimalism.

A human face of AI in healthcareTechnology

How AI is Transforming Medicine in the Digital Age

As we’ve covered a few times already, artificial intelligence (AI) is the next wave of technical changes to transform the ways in which households and businesses work.

Two people wearing headsetsTechnology

Can the Metaverse Redefine our Reality?

In the ever-evolving landscape of the digital world, a concept that has been making waves and capturing the imagination of both tech enthusiasts and the general public is the “Metaverse.”

A pair of measuring scales with money on one side and a human being on the otherSociety

Striking a Balance: The Quest for Optimal AI Control

Over the past year, AI has been the hot topic for all of us in the tech industry and beyond.

A group of people seated around a breakfast table at The Delaunay, Aldwych, LondonDigital Agency

Conjure Circle Highlights: September

Key takeaways from September’s Conjure Circle Breakfast: Exploring Digital in 2023 and Beyond.

An aerial view of a fully functioning hospitalTechnology

The Pivotal Role of Digital Technology in Enhancing Patient Care within the NHS

The NHS has always strived to provide world-class healthcare services to its citizens.

A computer programmer working at a screenSociety

Data Discrimination: Unmasking Algorithmic Bias in AI

Recent advancements in AI of all types have taken the world by storm and will undoubtedly change many aspects of how we live our lives.

Two female Conjurers receiving an awardNews

We are UK Agency 2023 Award Winners!

Conjure is a winner at the UK Agency Awards 2023 in the category of UX Agency of the Year (Small)!

Conjure and 4OC logosDigital Agency

🚀 Exciting Partnership Announcement! 🤝✨

We are joining forces with 4OC, an esteemed management consultancy company.

A chess board with two knights in a stand-offDigital Agency

Cutting Costs vs Cutting Corners: Your Shortcut to Success

In the fast-paced world of business, finding ways to enhance efficiency and profitability is never-ending.

Two people in discussionDigital Agency

Understanding Your Customer: Going Beyond Assumptions to Deliver True Value

In the world of business, success hinges on your ability to meet the needs and desires of your customers.

An overhead view of an technology agency's working environmentTechnology

Native vs Cross-Platform Development

“What does an app cost?” closely followed by “Should we build a cross-platform app?” are the two most frequent questions I get confronted with as a developer.

An AI generated picture of an artist painting on a canvasTechnology

Do Generative AI Models have a Legal Problem?

Since the advent of generative AI, we’ve seen an explosion of tools created that can help us in productivity tasks, the arts, and one that even generates Spotify playlists for your favourite books and novels.

An illustration of geometric office environmentDesign

How to Run a Successful Discovery Workshop

Building an app is easy when you have a highly skilled cross-functional development team. Knowing what to make, however, is the secret sauce to an app development journey.

A textured graphical image of an AI Robot sitting at a desk whilst a human being stands in front glancing at the robot and its desk environmentSociety

Is it Time for Universal Basic Income?

The Universal Basic Income (UBI) debate is one that has popped up at various points over the last 15 years, but none more so than during the COVID-19 pandemic and now in the current AI hysteria.

Netflix Streamberry Facial hiddenTechnology

The Haunting Realities of “Joan is Awful” are Closer to Reality than you think

[WARNING: This content contains spoilers] The growth of technology in the last half-century has been nothing short of astronomical.

An aerial view of an eco-green city of the futureTechnology

Conjure x Grundfos Case Study

At this point in time, the world is in a very precarious position.

A clockwork formation made up of many golden cogsDigital Agency

How to Deliver an Excellent Customer Experience Whilst Balancing Commercial Pressures

In today’s competitive business landscape, delivering an excellent customer experience has become more important than ever.

A futuristic view of a ship's dashboardDesign

How the Evolution of HMI has Revolutionised Digital Interactions & What ‘Good’ Looks Like

The gunfire from the attacking Iranian gunboats had subsided barely minutes ago as the radar operator stared intently at the USS Vincennes’s combat display system.

A group of people sitting around a large open desk in the Conjure studio, LondonDigital Agency

An Evening with Conjure

In an engrossing evening, industry leaders from a variety of different backgrounds gathered at the Conjure office to engage in a captivating discussion.

Digital Agency

The State of Play with the UK’s Digital Competitiveness

How digitally competitive is the UK? What steps have been taken in recent years to ensure we can be digitally competitive in future?

A group of professional people sitting around a breakfast table in the The Delauney, Aldwych, LondonDigital Agency

Conjure Circle Highlights: July 2023

Key takeaways from July’s Conjure Circle Breakfast: Exploring Digital in 2023 and Beyond.


The Death of the Designer? How AI and Designers will Make Uneasy Bedfellows

How will AI be utilised in the future? To what extent will AI “take over” our jobs? Will humans still have a place in the traditional economies that have manifested over centuries?

User using the Big Bus Tours app on a handheld deviceTechnology

Why the Digital Revolution is Crucial for Bus Tour Operators

In the modern era, digitalisation has become an essential part of almost every industry, transforming the way businesses operate and connect with their customers.


The Rising Tide of Digitalisation in Shipbuilding: Impact and Opportunities

The shipbuilding industry, one which has long been associated with traditional craftsmanship and manual labour, is now riding the waves of digitalisation.

Digital Agency

Conjure Circle Highlights: June 2023

Key takeaways from June’s Conjure Circle Breakfast: Exploring Digital in 2023 and Beyond.

A vertical pattern of multi-coloured sack cloth facesDesign

Building Bridges Through Multicultural UX Design — Kareem Metawea

In our increasingly interconnected world, multiculturalism is not just a reality but a celebration of diversity.

A futuristic view of healthcare interfacesTechnology

Why Apple may have just Unlocked the Future of Healthcare

At last week’s Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple unleashed their latest game-changing piece of tech which has been on everyone’s lips since.

A montage of new digital screensTechnology

The London Ambulance Service’s Data Integration and Retrieval Solution: Unleashing Efficiency

With A&E wait times approaching an all time high— the four hour rule becoming more of a minimum than an average — the NHS began looking at ways of alleviating the pressure on our emergency departments and services.

An elderly patient having guidance from a nurseTechnology

Tech-Enabled Compassion: Exploring the Impact of Digital Solutions in Adult Social Care

The Health Secretary, Steve Barclay, was in Japan last week touting the UK’s technologically innovative spirit.

A group of people sitting around a breakfast table at The Delaney, Aldwych, LondonDigital Agency

Conjure Circle Highlights: May 2023

Key takeaways from May’s Conjure Circle Breakfast: Exploring Digital in 2023 and Beyond.

A female staring at her mobile deviceTechnology

Data Sharing: The Pandora’s Box of the Digital Era

Data is ubiquitous. It’s provided us with wonderful things; from storing passwords and other important information we always forget, to keeping you logged in and your basket full when shopping online and switching between tabs and windows.

A breakfast party of people sitting around a tableDigital Agency

Conjure Circle Highlights: April 2023

Key takeaways from April’s Conjure Circle Breakfast: Exploring Digital in 2023 and Beyond.

A breakfast party of people sitting around a tableDigital Agency

Conjure Circle Highlights: March 2023

Key takeaways from March’s Conjure Circle Breakfast: Exploring Digital in 2023 and Beyond.

A female using AR on a tablet to simulate footwearTechnology

From Pop-ups to Luxury Brands: How Phygital Retail is Reshaping the Industry

Where does the future of retail lie? Given that high streets are on their way out.

A digital circuit graphicTechnology

Exploring the Composable Architecture Framework

At Conjure, our iOS team make a real effort to keep up with the latest trends and technologies when it comes to Swift. With using SwiftUI and Combine, there comes the challenge of efficiently managing state.