Next Gen digital craftsmanship for Triumph Rocket's HMI






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Applying the latest user-centred usability methodology we created a market leading HMI from the ground up to re-define the riding experience.

Multipurpose fully featured HMI

Long-time partner, Triumph Motorcycles were looking to build upon their Conjure created, class leading Street Triple all digital cluster. With a brief to bring both traditional and future looking themes to their riders while building on the original ground-breaking UX, we assembled a team and got to work.

Whereas the first generation clusters are housed in a traditional square display, Generation 2 would feature a fixed on screen bezel dividing the display into a three. This would require a complete re-factoring of both the UX and UI.

Additionally the cluster would be exposed to direct sunlight, and so we were tasked with providing a solution to ensure readability was maximised at all times, day or night.

HMI and IVI Redefined

The dramatic shift in screen layout saw us trial a series of different UX approaches, creating a series of tablet-based prototypes to allow for rapid testing and feedback. Features and functions were card sorted and prioritised, before being built into riding trays that could be called up when the bike was in motion while minimising distraction.The UI thematic direction saw the design team explore chronographs and time pieces both new and old, drawing inspiration from the intricacies of hand made parts.

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