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About the Aura project

Aura is an all-electric long range concept car designed for nature, with sustainability at its core and efficiency driving its design. Developed by a consortium of British companies, and funded by the Office for Zero Emissions Vehicles through the Niche Vehicle Network, the Aura concept demonstrates the UK’s leading capabilities in zero emission vehicle development.

Driving efficiency and sustainability

As one of the British companies, we conceived a central compute unit to connect and control Aura's sub-systems through a single human machine interface.

Building on our capabilities

An innovative vehicle demanded an innovative Operating System (OS) at its core. Android Automotive OS (AAOS) is a flavour of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) specifically developed for the Automotive market. Coupled with our clients desire to explore AAOS HMI components, we jumped at the opportunity to develop our capabilities in this platform and to also push the boundaries of our typical competencies and delve into the world of automotive grade processors and hardware.

Choosing to work with the iMX8 range of processors from NXP, we opted for iMX8 QuadMax Multi-sensory Enabled Kit (MEK) with BaseBoard as our core system. This provided us with a real-time M4 processor to interface and communicate with the vehicle systems over CAN as well as a dual-core applications (A72) processor with a AAOS/AOSP-ready build prepared by NXP.

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