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Evolving the traditional radio to stay relevant in the digital era

Depending on where you are in the world, between 40-70% of a country's radio audience are listening in a car. It is the single most important place to get radio right. In 2019 Radioplayer, a non-profit radio organisation founded by the BBC and commercial radio groups in the UK, who now represent thousands of broadcasters across Europe and internationally, engaged Conjure to create an automotive-specific radio application. This was the start of a partnership to help Radioplayer protect and grow radio listening in connected cars. At the forefront of this was future-proofing radio technology to remain relevant in the automotive industry. But the question was, how do we do that with a changing landscape of technology, and how do we build a great user experience?

Understanding the problem

Radioplayer’s initial goal was to create an Android Automotive Hybrid Radio app that offers a step-change in features and quality from the out-of-the-box Google Android offering, by integrating broadcast DAB/FM and IP (Internet Protocol address) to create a best-in-class user experience. Radioplayer approached Conjure to develop a proof of concept to demonstrate the technology working within the Android Automotive environment.

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