We are UK Agency 2023 Award Winners!

Sam Hannah

October 1, 2023

Conjure is a winner at the UK Agency Awards 2023 in the category of UX Agency of the Year (Small)! Known for our innovative approach to user experience (UX) design, achieved a significant milestone by clinching this prestigious award last week.

This recognition underscores Conjure’s commitment to delivering exceptional UX solutions and highlights our remarkable work with esteemed clients such as Nissan, Lamborghini, Volta, and our ingenious behind-the-scenes methods of delivery.

The UK Agency Awards are renowned for celebrating excellence in the creative, digital, and marketing sectors. The UX Agency of the Year award, in particular, is a testament to a company’s ability to craft seamless, user-centric experiences that resonate with both clients and end-users.

One of the key highlights in our award submission was our work with two automotive industry giants, Nissan and Lamborghini. With Nissan, we played a pivotal role in designing a new pillar-to-pillar display and infotainment system based on origami for an upcoming concept car. By leveraging our expertise in UX design, we contributed to creating a more intuitive and engaging environment for Nissan drivers and hope this will be used in future road vehicles.

Similarly, our collaboration with Lamborghini showcased our ability to tackle UX challenges in the luxury automotive sector. Lamborghini, known for its uncompromising commitment to design and performance, entrusted Conjure with the new interior display screens for a new electric supercar.

Given a bit of creative licence, we took this and ran with it — creating an entirely new steering wheel and central control unit that really brings the car’s performance capabilities into the driver’s control. Our success in this partnership speaks volumes about our ability to meet the demands of high-end clients and deliver UX solutions that match their prestige.

Finally, our collaboration with Volta, an electric vehicle (EV) last-mile delivery truck manufacturer, was another feather in our cap for our award submission. In an era where sustainability and environmental consciousness are of the utmost importance, Volta sought a partner who could help them redefine the driver and delivery experience, and Conjure’s expertise in crafting user-centric interfaces came to the forefront as we helped Volta create an EV delivery experience that is not only efficient but also emphasises the sustainability of the solution.

This project also underscores our commitment to supporting innovation in the EV sector and our dedication to sustainability and helping to deliver the future of mobility.

Beyond our client collaborations, our imaginative team are always thinking of ways around issues encountered in the software we work with. To that end, we developed an AI Figma plugin which simplifies the icon design process, making it more efficient and accessible for our designers.

Conjure’s achievement of winning the UX Agency of the Year (Small) award at the UK Agency Awards is a testament to our dedication, creativity, and innovative approach to UX design. As we continue to push the boundaries of UX design and deliver exceptional experiences for our clients, Conjure’s win is not only a recognition of our past achievements but also a promise of more groundbreaking work to come.

Let’s see what the judges had to say:

“It was clear to see the true talent and innovation in the projects that this agency delivered. They have a really impressive client base which emulates the trust within the field. The creation of the AI plugin tool was a particular standout! Great work and congratulations!”