Project Description


Creating a Future Design Language for the world’s leading water solutions business

Conjure were engaged by Grundfos to define, design, deliver and deploy a global design system to harmonise experience across physical HMIs and digital interfaces including mobile, tablet, desktop and web applications.

The world’s leading manufacturer of pumps, water platforms and products, Grundfos delivers into 56 territories with hundreds of distinct interface design languages spanning 1000s of legacy and next generation product lines.

The Challenge

Conjure were tasked to:

  • Unify design, creating a consistent and intuitive global experience for all users neutral of platform
  • Establish a core library and system for current interfaces and for rapid deployment of new interfaces
  • Enhance collaboration and streamline design-dev handovers leveraging a shared component library

Method co-creating

In partnership, we developed a design practice framework, core principles, and the platforms to enable greater velocity, clarity and consistency across the business’ global design requirements.

Introducing platform thinking

Core to embedding improved design practice we established a cross-platform approach anchored on a rigorously structured modular UI system using atomic principles.

Robust governance, documentation and shared library access for remotely located product teams enable increased velocity against less time and cost spent in delivering design.

The Outcome

Key successes

  • Increased velocity and reduced time to market was evidenced through leveraging a global design system
  • Rapid prototyping and significantly faster iteration of screen designs resulting from using a drag and drop library
  • Reduced friction and struggle onboarding customers through use of a consistent design language was measured during user testing
  • Greater collaboration and ability to sprint in parallel across remote teams was made possible through shared library
  • Design method improvements transformed the business’ capability to drive and deliver rapid product innovation

The fast-paced and flexible way that Conjure has worked with us to develop a design language has delivered real value in both time and cost savings

Dripta Guha Roy, Head of Design & User Interface, Grundfos