Our approach

When creating new digital products, we take our clients and stakeholders on a phased program to ensure the customer experience is effectively differentiated and delivers a strong value proposition.

Our consultative approach begins with an analysis of your brief, your business and customer context / marketplace, resulting in a clear definition of success and a high-level product roadmap. This contains consolidated technical, creative and delivery recommendations for a release roadmap, features and functions, all with a tailored delivery and execution plan.

Effective, differentiated digital products are designed from customer insight.

We gather our insight by putting users at the heart of workshops and labs where we construct personas, customer journeys and rapid prototypes that enable optimum conversion.

The journey plans are a meticulously detailed package of product user flows, scenario mapping and total customer journeys that, particularly when it comes to apps, informs acquisition, conversion and retention marketing decisions and enable evaluation of both business change and production feasibility.

We build comprehensive prototypes and wireframes with guided interactive usability testing labs, rapid prototyping and ‘Howtos’ for models and methods for future labs. Iterative outputs, reports and recommendations are released at regular increments through the discovery and UX process.

We thrive in the space between discovery and differentiation,
insight and ideas, vision and actions.

Selected case studies