Space X developed this futuristic looking HMI for their Crew Dragon Capsule launched to the ISS on 1st June 2020. Remarkably, the majority of features available to the astronauts piloting the Dragon are available through three compact touch screen displays, perfectly demonstrating all the advantages of a digital HMI – presenting certain controls and information when necessary or desired, rather than having to keep a place for everything at once.

Why we like it

At Conjure we are Interfacing the Future, and when it comes to HMI design, space really is the final frontier. Uniquely for the Dragon V2 ship, there is no physical joystick in the cockpit, opting to have an entirely touchscreen-based control method instead. As with the automotive industries at ground level, advancements in technology allow for ever more intuitive and clean HMIs via digital display, and it goes without saying that for an HMI designer, this should be as much of a priority for a racing driver nearing a 100mph hairpin at Le Mans as an astronaut attempting to dock their craft on the ISS.

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