Design tools are an ever-changing landscape. It’s our responsibly to stay ahead of the curve and the frontrunner as of right now is Figma – a flexible, multi-platform tool that boasts all the functions of Sketch, a similar UI-focused platform, but boasting real-time collaboration on documents – making file sharing easier than ever, plus enhanced prototyping and component organisation.

Why we like it

Figma makes vector-based editing across multiple artboards painless, and categorisation of components deep and comprehensive, but it’s the collaboration abilities that truly make it stand out. Since Figma works on any platform via a web browser, sharing files to clients and getting real-time feedback is as simple and sending a link. ¬†Having multiple cursors onscreen at once can become a little distracting, but there’s always the option to create a private working file and paste your creation back into the public document when ready!

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