In 2008 Bethesda Game Studios re-imagined what the USA might look like today had the cold war ended in a nuclear holocaust. The immersive universe they created was a breathtaking baron wasteland full of nuance and charm. They mixed the exceptionalism and propaganda of the 50’s with futuristic technology like androids and laser guns to build a world where tinned food and cola was still a national accomplishment, but your flying robot will happily grab it for you.

Why we like it

One of the ways that Fallout 3 broke new ground was the way many of the menus were integrated into the physical world of the game. Instead of presenting the player with a menu, Fallout 3 presents the character with the menu. Every time we interact with technology in this game we find something that has been designed with quite different priorities in mind. In today’s world consumer technology is designed to look slick and efficient but Bethesda imagined a world where durability and reliability was paramount to survival. They asked what areas of technology we’d focus on evolving in a post apocalyptic world and what areas would receive so little attention as to look comically out-dated. The resulting medley would go on to inspire countless other games in the genre.

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