In the iconic 1982 Ridley Scott movie, Blade Runner, we see a fully functional cockpit of a flying car – the LAPD ‘Spinner’. During the take-off scene there is the ethereal Vangelis music playing in the background and the sweeping panoramic views of the city, the driver sits comfortably in control of a flying machine with bright animations on the internal displays, all combining to create a highly realistic atmosphere. It finally feels close to our world now!

Why we like it

When you watch this scene (and the film) for the first time, you know that it’s fiction, but looking at this movie now, especially after having passed the year 2019 (when the film is set), you really feel like you want to drive this car, and you know that this possibility is closer than ever before. The Spinner dashboard? A masterpiece! At first sight hard to read, maybe too futuristic or colourful but after a few seconds, you realize that all new EV cars have a very similar layout. And then, just wait for the aerial navigation sequence to begin!

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