This Cessna cockpit shows an example of a “Six Pack” – The 6 basic flight instruments all pilots must understand, which are divided into two categories. Three instruments are connected to the aircraft’s Pitot Static Pressure System, and the other three are Gyro Instruments typically driven by the aircraft’s Vacuum system pump.

1. Airspeed Indicator (Pitot Static)

2. Attitude Indicator (Gyro)

3. Altimeter (Pitot Static)

4. Vertical Speed Indicator (Pitot Static)

5. Heading Indicator (Gyro)

6. Turn Coordinator (Gyro)

Why we like it

Structuring data in a consistent and engaging way, no matter how differentiated the source, is key to any HMI design. This set of dials present six pieces of information in six very different scales, but work together extremely well through clean and minimal visual language.

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