Project Description

ReRun from Jaguar in collaboration with GoPro

A world-first app that combines vehicle data with GoPro video to enhance the Jaguar driving experience. ReRun combines real-time video with key vehicle performance data including speed, throttle position, gear selection, braking and G-force.

Presenting a significant amount of driving data and allowing the user to easily export clips of exciting moments was just the sort of design and interface challenge that Conjure relishes.

Blending live footage with vehicle data to augment the driving experience

Jaguar approached Conjure to work directly with their InControl team and in collaboration with GoPro to develop a track day companion app. From the outset, the technical team at Conjure needed to overcome significant technical hurdles to accomplish the level of finesse and ease of use that we set out to create.

With our design and technical teams working hand in hand, we delivered not only a seamless technical integration, but a beautifully designed app that was a delight for track day experience drivers to use.

Key objectives

  • Control and operation of a GoPro from within the vehicle, using buttons on the steering wheel and on-screen IVI controls
  • Synchronisation of telemetry data with High-Definition driving footage
  • Captivating, distinct and meaningful driving overlays
  • Detection and prioritisation of key “highlights” from the drive
  • Tight integration with the JLR InControl IVI system

Our Approach

As with any significantly technical project, our first phase was to create a prototype. Working with example telemetry data and a video overlay library specified by the InControl team, we started with simple graphics, basic data and pre-recorded footage. We also spent time looking into the technical capabilities of the GoPro SDK – discussing our findings and expected requirements with the GoPro developer team.

Once we had a working prototype, we went on to explore the InControl SDK and get each of the components talking together. Technical uncertainties resolved, we moved to our usual UX and UI design stage, taking the project requirements through an iterative design process resulting in complete app and IVI wireframes, use case definitions, acceptance criteria and a design theme across all key screens.

Due to the technical complexity of the project and some dependency constraints, our mobile development team staggered the Android development behind the iOS development. This allowed us to address technical issues on one platform at a time, rather than solving platform problems in parallel. This gave the JLR and GoPro development teams time to work on SDK features and changes ahead of the Android build.

Utilising a small development team, project manager, testing and design resources we set about the native mobile application builds, resulting in a fully track-tested, store-ready apps ready to delight Jaguar F-TYPE owners and track day enthusiasts alike.

Despite the technical challenges faced by this project, Conjure successfully delivered a consumer app that wirelessly connected to a GoPro, and via USB to the InControl IVI. The app could be controlled via the F-TYPE centre console touchscreen and allowed drivers to record drives, explore driving highlights and export high-quality footage to social media.

If you are looking for a technical and creative team to work on your next digital customer experience innovation who are experienced at working on true greenfield projects, then get in touch and let’s chat!

Thanks to the close collaboration between Jaguar Land Rover’s InControl Apps team, our Developer Program team and Conjure, ReRun offers outstanding functionality and is intuitive for F-TYPE drivers to create premium quality, easy-to-share videos of their driving experiences.

Adam Silver, Senior Director, GoPro