Project Description

Keystone from Conjure and Irdeto

The world’s most secure keyless entry system for automotive

Keyless entry provides a desirable and convenient option for the modern driver with fob-based systems increasingly being offered alongside mobile applications. These allow drivers to do everything from opening the doors to remotely configuring their vehicles.

We partnered with Irdeto, the world leader in digital platform security to create Keystone a policy-based keyless entry system.

Key Results

  • Working prototype delivered in just three months
  • Highly successful launch and media coverage at CES 2018
  • Under trial with major OEMs

Designing for the future of shared mobility

At its core, Keystone is a policy-based keyless access and management application for vehicles and shared mobility. It’s flexible system architecture allows users to create, transfer and revoke vehicle access for multiple or individual users at any time.

This opens up a world of opportunities for new business models such as feature-as-a-service, performance-as-a-service, new subscription models, and vehicle as well as equipment sharing.

Our challenge was to design the mobile application, creating a best in class design and user experience to showcase the various features of Keystone. We also needed to create a Software Developer Kit (SDK) that OEMs could integrate with their existing mobile applications.

  • Created the end-to-end user experience
  • Developed a reference implementation
  • Produced design guidelines and microsite to showcase the product

Our Approach

The project began following conversations with our automotive clients who were seeking secure and cost effective keyless entry mobile solutions for their vehicles.

With Tracker the car security firm reporting that 88% of stolen cards it recovered in 2018 had been stolen using keyless entry methods (a rise of 8% on the previous year), this presented a huge challenge especially for many of our clients in the luxury sector where vehicles are highly desirable targets.

Seeing the opportunity this presented we approached Irdeto and formed a partnership, leveraging their abilities in digital security combined with our experience in mobile applications and embedded automotive technology.

Collectively we set ourselves a two month challenge to launch a product at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES). This was an extremely tight deadline and to achieve it both Conjure and Irdeto assigned dedicated product teams working in two-weekly sprints, using agile development practices.

Internally within Conjure tight collaboration was required by our design and development departments. Whilst design were tasked with building out user stories, the user experience and interface design they also needed to create the brand, design guidelines and a microsite to showcase the product. Meanwhile the development team were tasked with integrating with Irdeto’s technology and creating a working prototype.


The result was a successful launch at CES with a functioning Keystone application that could share keys between different mobile devices as well as demonstrate how the keys could unlock a model vehicle Irdeto had integrated their technology with. The mobile application was also able to demonstrate how different policies could be assigned to users and how these policies could restrict the drivers, speed, time of day they could drive the vehicle and so on. You can see coverage from the CES event here. (Link to Connected Car Youtube video).

Feedback on Keystone has been very positive with the solution now under trial in a number of major OEMs. However what has been really interesting about this partnership is how the product has evolved by working in a process of continual, iterative improvement.

By digitising the key, we open up new services and business models that enable business to completely rethink their offerings. The greatest interest in Keystone has come from fleet and rental markets where there is opportunity for recurring revenue streams and exponential growth.

Keystone is a pioneering solution that efficiently addresses the industry’s challenges. Its path breaking keyless access and management for vehicles enable shared mobility, more profitable new business models, flexible access to assets by multiple users, and infallible security that safeguards equipment usage

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