Project Description

GET GO From GAIN Capital

A powerful and intuitive app allowing quick trade execution with minimal user input

American based trading firm GAIN Capital wanted to disrupt the forex trading market by introducing a unique signals-based trading algorithm to new and casual traders.

Over a period of six months Conjure worked with their trading and product teams to design GET GO, a powerful and intuitive Android and iOS app that allowed quick execution of key trades with minimal user input.

Key Results

  • Forty key markets covered
  • FCA Approved
  • Over a million trade points measured every hour

How do you design an interface to an AI trading engine?

The Artificial Intelligence engine at the heart of the application scanned vast amounts of historical data looking for patterns in currency movements across currency pairs. Our challenge was to create a user experience that would simplify this data, letting the user know exactly when a trade signal would trigger and what their total exposure was at any given moment.

An additional goal was to allow the user to review and execute a trade position in the fastest possible time, while being able to cancel a trade with ease.

  • Conjure designed the end to end UX and UI
  • The AI driven signals engine was packaged into a single easy to read trade ticket
  • We created a fully-fledged trade mapping view for rapid performance analysis
  • Stop loss was built in and enabled by default limiting trader exposure

Our Approach

We began by running a series of workshops with professional forex traders, the goal being to understand what data and action points are crucial to executing profitable trades, and which would be unnecessary to new or casual traders. Workshop input informed an evolving set of detailed UX wireframes, where simplification and clarity were the guiding principles throughout.

InVision demos were created after every iteration and road tested with both experienced traders and new users alike in order to ensure the learning curve was as slight as possible.

Our design team ran both the UX and UI elements of the programme in parallel, reporting UX updates into GAIN Capitals product team and taking UI guidance from the newly created GetGo Brand.

This approach was combined with frequent feedback workshops, allowing the team to experiment with different ways of displaying signal triggers, all the while honing the UX with feedback from professional traders.

From the first push notification alerting the user of a qualifying signal, all the way through to the closing of a trade, the finished app ensured the user was at all stages informed of where they stood from a profit and loss position. An intuitive dashboard showed how close a signal was to executing, and clear loss and profit predictions are displayed at all times on the trade ticket.

Past performance on both trades executed by the user and trades executed by the platform are easily viewable through the app, offering both transparency and reassurance for new traders. The AI engine is able to display a range of data, from market traded and price per point through to the odds of signal closing. All of this data was neatly captured and viewable on the trade ticket and accessible through swipe cards on the home screen.

A great bit of fintech and certainly a move in the right direction for signal trading.

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