Class leading applications require sound strategy, seamless useability and solid technical foundation - working in synergy, not independently, of a brand's wider online offering.


The beginning of a project's journey, the discovery phase is divided into three stages; concept scoping, information architecture and planning. A value-driven exercise completed in partnership with you, the discovery phase culminates in a project plan with accurate timelines and costings ready for UX / visual design and development.


We create detailed and extensive wireframes, mapping the entire application and its features. We apply proven Usability Experience methodology, ensuring the most intuitive and informative UX. At the same time we create visuals that are shared with the client to ensure the look and feel is aligned with both brand and strategy.


During development there may be predefined elements of the project which are new, unique, or require specialist attention, and in these instances we will produce a beta version. Throughout the project we will product beta versions of the application, allowing the client to see progress and offer valued feedback.


As development draws to a close, and prior to User Acceptance Testing, we begin to test the application against the test plan laid down during the Design and UX phase of the project. This is a two-stage process, with both code and usability being scrutinised.


With the final build signed off, we then advise and guide the client through the account setup and deployment process. To monitor the success of mobile applications we use a variety of tools, giving us a global overview of the performance of the app in the store, and how users are using the application including dwell time, feature preference and repeat usage.


Alongside our warranty that is part and parcel of all the work we do, we also provide a number of comprehensive support and maintenance services. These services, governed by stringent service level agreements ensure that our client's apps continue to operate in an ever-changing technological landscape full of new devices and operating systems.